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  • Obtain your social security identification.
  • Gain entry to healthcare services.

Prepare your proof of identity

Ensure you have your NIF or get it

Sign your power of attorney

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A portuguese NIF

To acquire your NISS, you must have a Portugal NIF. We can assist with your NIF registration in Portugal.

A proof of identity

Valid passport or National ID card for EU citizens. Rest assured that your data will be handled securely and deleted after.

However, please be aware that additional requirements may apply for minors and individuals who were born in Portugal or hold Portuguese citizenship

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Frequently asked questions

The NISS, or Social Security Number, is a fundamental identification element in Portugal's social security system. In more straightforward terms, it serves as an individual's "social security number," linking them to specific social security benefits, contributions, and related services.

Portugal NISS for Individuals

For individuals, the NISS is a critical identifier found on various documents, including social security benefit statements, pension-related communications, healthcare documents, and unemployment records. Essentially, it functions as a unique marker enabling social security authorities to manage and track an individual's social security-related activities accurately.

The process of acquiring your NISS through our service generally takes around 14 business days from the time you submit all required documents. The timeframe may vary based on factors such as the efficiency of the Social Security system in Portugal.

No, the NISS does not have an expiration date; it is issued for an individual's lifetime.
If you are requesting a NISS for a minor, additional documents are required for the application. These include the child's birth certificate and a copy of the passport of a parent.

Absolutely, you can register on our website to obtain a NISS from anywhere in the world. Our service facilitates the application process for individuals regardless of their location outside of Europe.

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